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La Palapa Coastal Cantina is a dream come true for the owner Mr. Alberto Soto. After graduating from college, Alberto had a dream of opening his own Mexican restaurant and with hard work and dedication, in 2012 opened the Dona Tere – Mexican Restaurant. It featured fresh handmade authentic Mexican food, and it was a big success. 

Then in 2020, Alberto was inspired on a trip to a beautiful beach in Mexico called Celestun (Yucatan) and this is when he decided he wanted to open a second restaurant in the Houston area. In his new restaurant “La Palapa” he wanted to incorporate fresh made-from-scratch seafood favorites along with many traditional Tex-Mex favorites. Bringing together the best of both, for a wonderful one-of-a-kind restaurant experience.
Palapa is the name for the traditional Mexican shelter roofed with palm leaves or branches located on almost every beach in Mexico, this is where you can go for beautiful beach views while you enjoy delicious food and fantastic drinks. 
At La Palapa, we take pride in serving only the freshest seafood available, quality meats, and fresh-grown produce.

We cook everything from scratch, every day, the way Alberto has done things from the very beginning. 
Thank you for coming to La Palapa and giving us the opportunity to serve you! 

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